Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Girl Job

So I got a job...I like to call it my "big girl job." Not just any job, a job in Dallas. So as I sit here in my one bedroom apartment downtown Dallas, I will recall how this all came about:

Three weeks ago, I was jobless (and had been for 3 months after graduation) and thought I would remain under my parents roof till I turned 40. I then got a call Tuesday September 8th from a lady wanting me to be in Plano that coming Thursday morning for an interview. I agreed. I scrambled to get my portfolio/resume together, get my nails done etc on Wednesday morning. I borrowed my brothers car and got there Wednesday night. I had my interview Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. I was there for 6 hours. When everyone was done interviewing me, I was told I would hear back in about 3 days. However, when I was driving back to Houston I got a phone call from the two owners of the company saying they had a couple more questions for me but knew I was already on my way home so they didn't want me to have to come back. So I said surer, anything. Then they asked, "How would you like to be the newest employee of First Choice?" ... Let me just say it was really hard to control my excitement and Im pretty sure I made a fool of myself over the phone for the next 10 minutes. I accepted.

However, here is the catch: They wanted me to start the following Wednesday. Thats right, less than a week to find a place to live and move in and be ready to start work Wednesday morning.

So what happened was this... My parents and I came back to Dallas and found an apartment the very next day (Friday) then came back to Houston Saturday. We scheduled my move in for the following Saturday. I traded cars (permanently) with my brother. It is my first extremely nice car and I love it. Anyway, I packed all of my things and brought them downstairs Monday then left for Dallas Tuesday. I stayed with a friend Tuesday through Friday and my parents and brother came up with a Uhaul on Saturday and with the help of my family, my boyfriends, and a few friends, I got all moved in. Also with some great furniture donations from the parents of one of my good friends and the purchase of a great couch from a lady's sister I work with. Everyone went home Sunday morning and I spent the remainder of the day setting up and was done by the evening. I LOVE MY PLACE!

I have had a great week and a half of work. I am truly going to enjoy what I do. I am excited to go. But I am also excited to come home to my great place 4 miles from the center of downtown Dallas with the groceries my parents bought me to start out with along with some other little add ons that they threw in. Also a great T.V. my brother gave me!

Overall, I feel like I am in a dream, a wonderful dream that I pray I don't wake up from. My mom keeps referring to me and what I am doing as "Mary Tyler More." She often breaks into the theme song. But I would have to agree with her. I love having a "big girl job" and my own apartment. This truly is the life.

What is my job you ask? I am the new staffing coordinator for a home healthcare agency. I manage all the nurses and clients. -> there is a lot to it but I am excited every day to learn and I really think I am catching on quickly.

God is good. I am truly blessed and so excited for each new day...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So It Begins...

So you go through high school wondering, "Where will I go to College?" You pick the perfect one and go strive to become something great. Finally, you graduate. The whole world is "at your fingertips." However, something seems wrong. You are back at your parents house in your old bedroom, unemployed and taunted every day by the old stuffed animals on your bed. At least you have home cooked meals right?

Well this is my life right now. However, I truly am optimistic about my future. I came home from college and started right away working on my youngest brother's wedding. Now that that is over I have had one interview. This was last friday. However, I was suppose to hear back by today and have not. The search continues...

The life of a "professional bum" really is quite nice if you completely ignore your pride. Especially if you are "bumming" under the roof of Tim and Karen.

So it begins, my life in search of my future.