Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So It Begins...

So you go through high school wondering, "Where will I go to College?" You pick the perfect one and go strive to become something great. Finally, you graduate. The whole world is "at your fingertips." However, something seems wrong. You are back at your parents house in your old bedroom, unemployed and taunted every day by the old stuffed animals on your bed. At least you have home cooked meals right?

Well this is my life right now. However, I truly am optimistic about my future. I came home from college and started right away working on my youngest brother's wedding. Now that that is over I have had one interview. This was last friday. However, I was suppose to hear back by today and have not. The search continues...

The life of a "professional bum" really is quite nice if you completely ignore your pride. Especially if you are "bumming" under the roof of Tim and Karen.

So it begins, my life in search of my future.


  1. YAY Chelsea!!!!! You're a natural at blogging! I just KNOW the Lord has something INCREDIBLE planned for you... it's not always easy being patient on His timing, but He is faithful!

  2. Blood, you didn't have to go to ACU to find greatness. In fact, one might argue greatness came searching for you. wink wink. You'll land a job soon; this is a difficult transition period, but you're the greatest and God is on his throne! you da bomb!